Future Planning


During the winter temperatures can drop below -20 C.  Even with a strong heating system the main house cannot contain the heat which is generated.  During the especially cold days the inside air temperature is not at a comfortable level. To remedy this it will be necessary to wrap the entire house in an extra layer of foam insulation and siding material.









In the Russian village because of the lack of income theft is a common occurrence.  As such, it is necessary to have a fence around one’s property to protect against theft and to increase privacy. By mistake at Ananda Annapurna things such as a wheelbarrow and water pumps have been left outside at night.  By morning those items were not there anymore.  A fence would also secure the privacy of seminars and programs.





Finish the Activities Hall

While the hall is useable during the summer, it still lacks insulation, interior walls, and a ceiling.  With its steel roof it acts like a green house in the summer and without insulation even during spring and Autumn it is too cold to use.  After finishing the interior it should be able to be utilized most of the year except during the very cold months of winter.  






School Project

In the beginning one local person was running a children’s hostel/daycare for local children.  As other programs increased that project was stopped.  Sometime in the future a trade school, daycare, or children’s hostel will be started in a separate building along with a sports field for the local children.









AMURT Storehouse

To provide for possible difficult times in the future a building for storing imperishable food items and winter clothing may be constructed.  Items can then be distributed to those in need when necessity arises.