Many facilities needed to be upgraded to accommodate a higher capacity.  The first of which was the water system.  A new electric pressurized water pump was installed in the well.  This allowed a larger volume of water to be used throughout the house and grounds.








The next step was the heating system.  The old system was a home-made coal fired boiler that seemed to heat the basement more than the rest of the house.  So the next year we installed a new Russian-made boiler.  In the picture the green boiler is the new one.  To the left of that what looks like a giant rusty tin can is the old boiler.







After that it was realized that the septic system had only enough capacity for a small family.  During large programs such as those held in the summer of 2009 the septic tank would fill 2 times per day.  Certain unorthodox and unhygienic methods were utilized to keep the tank empty including manually pumping the water out of the tank.  Thus it became necessary to change the system.  In October 2009 a new system was finished.  Now there are no problems with the septic system even during high volume usage.