MU Property

The Master Unit Property itself is approximately 4 acres total.  There are three buildings, the main three floor house used primarily for lodging, a sauna and bath house, and a large activities hall.  In the summertime about one acre of the land is utilized in farming and a long three sided shed with a wood fired stove is used as the dining facility.







A small part of the property is surrounded by a concrete-asbestos fence, while the rest by barbed wire.  The land is on a gradual slope starting from the top near the activities building to the bottom near the main house and entrance gate.  








The quality of the soil is sandy clay with a very high water table.  In the summertime during heavy rains large puddles of water form in any depression of land.  In the springtime when the snow melts pumps are required in the basement of houses to avoid flooding.  With the high water table deep wells for irrigation and drinking water are unnecessary.  Two shallow wells are on the property, one in the garage provides for drinking and bathing, one near the highest part of the land which is not currently utilized.